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Medical Benefits Abroad

for international business travelers


When your employees travel on international business, you want to be sure they have access to quality health care when they need it.


Cigna’s Medical Benefits Abroad® (MBA) plan gives you that access. It covers international business travelers for injuries and illness that may occur while traveling on

company business away from home. Plus, our MBA plan is like the travelers it covers - mobile. That means their benefits go wherever business travel takes them.


Here’s why you should choose our MBA plan for your international business travelers.


Easy Administration

With the MBA plan, you can expect:


Simplicity because there’s no need to supply eligibility data to set up your account

Convenience because you pay one-time annual premiums


Flexibility to choose from pre-priced plans or custom coverage options to meet your company’s unique needs for any number of international business travelers


Ease of one-stop claiming. Your employees don’t have to file their claim multiple times while seeking reimbursement. With Cigna, it’s only once



 Unmatched International Experience

You can count on an international track record that is unmatched. Consider these facts that separate Cigna Global Health Benefits from the rest:

We have one of the largest US-based networks of health care professionals of any international health services company.        

With more than one million health care professionals, clinics, and facilities worldwide, we offer one of the largest networks of doctors and hospitals.      
We are one of the world’s largest and oldest organizations in its industry. In fact, Cigna Global Health Benefits has some of the most significant on-the-ground overseas operations of any US-based health services company.

To learn more about International Benefits and to discuss your options, please call 301.657.9490 or email us.


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